Monday, August 25, 2008

Cotton irrigation and fruit development

Irrigation of our cotton started on July 16 after our good rains stopped. I put about 1 inch of water per week during this time through center pivots which are very efficient in water usage and delivery. I only had to put 5 inches of water on the crop this year as we had a 5 inch rain the 16th of August which should finish the crop.

The first picture is of the cotton at 10 weeks with the irrigation being applied.

The close up pictures show the fruit development of the cotton plant as the branch grows.

The tip of the plant shows the tiny square which produces a flower. When the bloom is finished, it falls off and the boll is left that will continue to grow and develop the fiber inside until maturity. The large boll on will start to open in a few weeks revealing the white fiber.

This crop is very good at this point and I am expecting a good harvest.

Gary Oldham


Ashkahn said...

would you have big images so i can put them on my site to promote?

SOS From Texas said...

yes, just email me and I will send you larger images