Thursday, May 29, 2008

Planting time for the 2008 sos organic cotton crop

May 19, 2008
We finally received some rain last week and were able to get the crop planted. I have to plow ahead of the planter to get rid of weeds. This dries the soil several inches deep causing me to have to put the seed deeper than I would like. Chemical farms do not have this problem as the weeds can be sprayed which conserves moisture and allows perfect seed placement for a 5 day emergence. It will take my crop 8 days to emerge and if we receive rain during the waiting period it can cause compaction of the soil making emergence difficult or impossible. Cotton comes up in a crooked neck position like a bean and cannot push very hard without breaking its neck. Always a worry but we plant it and trust God to make it grow.
Hope to have successful update soon.

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