Monday, March 24, 2008

New!! Organic cotton doggie tees

Today we placed a production order for our new organic cotton doggie tees. Made from 100% organic cotton 1x1 rib. Available in 3 sizes in the natural color. As with all SOS From Texas products the cotton is from our certified organic farms which were first certified in 1992 and 100% MADE IN USA
Will be offered wholesale and retail. Available 4/15/08.
SOS Organic cotton---good for man, good for the land and good for dogs as well.
Call for more details 800 245 2339 or email
Gary Oldham

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Anonymous said...

Hi - what a great idea! I just found your website and I love this. Less than 3 months ago I got together with a few friends to discuss the idea of starting a green business. We just opened an online organic, made in the USA, t-shirt company and several people have asked us about organic cotton dog t-shirts. I'm thinking this is a real possibility after reading your blog. And what a great history or organic cotton farming. I believe I will be in touch soon. Alix Gnoske at RECYCLE ME.